I have been studying Islamic Numismatics since 2002. I am collecting Armenian coins as well as those Islamic ones that were struck in the territory of historical Armenia.

Toghether with Dr Aram Vardanyan we created project ICSHA (Islamic coins struck in historic Armenia). First volume just already published and maybe ordered:
  1. A. Vardanyan. Islamic coins struck in historic Armenia. Vol. I. Armīniya, Arrān (Madinat Arrān), Barda‘a, Dabīl, Hārūnābād/al-Hāruniya and Ma‘den Bājunays. Early ‘Abbasid Period (142 – 277 AH / 759 – 891 AD). Yerevan, 2011.
With my colleagues I am also involved into several projects dealing with different topics of Medieval Numismatics that are implemented in the frames of the – Oriental Coins Database

Apart from the fields of my main scientific scope of research, I am also interested in the following topics:
  1. Coinage of Khānates of Southern Caucasus – Ganja, Qarābāgh, Īrevān and Nakhichevān;
  2. Coinage of atābeks and mamluks of pre-Eldigüzid and Eldigüzid times in Southern Caucasus and Armenia;
  3. Post-Rubenian coinage in Armenian Kingdome of Cilicia and possibly in Armenia Maritima (Crimea);
  4. Timur's coinage and coins in the name of Tīmūr and Shāhrukh in the Armenia.
  5. Seals of Armenians in the Medieval Byzantine.

I am also interested in the historical toponyms of Armenia. This encouraged me to start with a preparation of a comprehensive (where it possible) corpus of Arabic and Persian variants of toponyms relating to Armenia.

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