21 drinking game!

It starts off with everyone waving their hands and yelling. Then you start to hit the table, and whoever hits their right or left shoulder (1) the rotation goes that way. The next person (2) can either chose to go right or left with the rotation. When it gets to (7) then that person does an over/under motion their arms; with sprit fingers. Whichever way the bottom hand is pointing then that’s who the rotation goes to. Then it starts over as you did in the beginning. Once you reach (10) you point directley at the person who is next. Then go back to the shoulder hitting. At (17) you do the same motion as in (7), but this time the top hand is the pointer and that’s the rotation. Continue with going with the shoulder slapping rotation untill you reach (20); you then point as in (10). The on (21) that person stands up and yells something obnoxious at the next person.

The way you drink:
If in the beginning two people start; they both drink.
If you fuck you the rotation in any kinda way. i.e.- you go out of roatation, don’t do the right motion when pointing.
Whoever is pointed to on the 21st time has to chug their drink, and fill up everyone elses.

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  • looks fun and i still dont get the rules its a lil confusing

    Posted July 30, 2020

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