‘Enchanters' End Game: Book 5 of 5 of The Belgariad Series’ by David Eddings – Fantasy Book Review

‘Enchanters’ End Game: Book 5 of 5 of The Belgariad Series’ by David Eddings – Fantasy Book Review – Friday Fantasy Show – Episode 210.

The Bottled Imp takes an in-depth look at Book 5 of 5 of David Edding’s epic fantasy series The Belgariad. ‘Enchanters’ End Game’ was first published in 1984 by Del Ray Books and the series has been hugely popular and a regular fan favourite.

Book 5 continues the story a young farm hand Garion, his Aunt Pol and a mysterious vagabond and storyteller Mister Wolf as they are mixed up in a great prophecy and the theft of the powerful Orb of Aldur that was created by a god but was stolen by another god to be used for his own corrupt will.

In Book 1 we meet our main protagonists. We learnt a little bit about them and discovered we didn’t know all there was to know. Book 2 and 3 saw our three heroes are caught up in tracking and retrieving the Orb of Aldur. Book 4, sees our heroes struggle through dangerous perils and achieve a feat that will swing the battle against evil in their favour.

‘Enchanters’ End Game’ is the final book in the series and thus begins to wrap the story. All the lose ends are being tied. Like all final acts, will it be a satisfying farewell or a damp squib?

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