Gate of Chaos – English Version MMORPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Gate of Chaos (Unreal Engine 4) – English Version MMORPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)

App Description
‘Gate of Chaos’ is a mobile game created with the Unreal Engine 4, bringing you a vast open world of all-round visuals on par with IMAX cinematic graphics. Experience the all-new 360° aerial combat, a wide choice of instances and intense cross-server guild wars. Join others in this innovative MMO game experience!

[Game Features]
• Stunning Visuals, a World of Mystical Creatures!
Traverse the land of Vargundo and explore its magnificence! Powered by the Unreal Engine, the gorgeous in-game characters and environment guarantee full immersion in this fantasy world.

• Unique Aerial Combat, become the Emperor of the Skies!
Experience the never-before-seen 360° battle in the skies. The authentic air-to-ground and air-to-air battle gameplay eliminates the limit of your imagination. The realistic physics results of the UE4 brings a spectacular cinematic gaming experience.

• 4 Main Classes, Endless Paths!
Embark on unique paths with different elemental skills. There are four classes to choose from, which are the Berserker, Mage, Shadowdancer, and Paladin; each with their own characteristics and unique powerful skills. The skillset is ever-changing, distinct growth paths constitute in-depth developments that allow each class to have its own legacy on the battlefield.

• Glorious Wings and Mounts, Take the Fight to the Skies!
Build your own collection of stunning mounts and wings. Outshine other players with your own style of unique skins and cosmetics. From dragons to machines, ride on various mounts and soar the skies! Experience a 360° panoramic free flight, overlooking the mountains and vast oceans of this fantasy world.

• Never Fight Alone, Unite as One or Fight to be The One!
Multi-dimensional social systems and real-time voice interactions, enable you and your fellow Agathos to team up without delay. Unite to defeat the powerful overlords, challenge other Agathos in the arena or participate in Guild Wars for honor and glory!

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  • Can you change the gender?

    Dongie Dela Cruz
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Outlander is the best, actually its survival game whahahaua

    Reaction Hype
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • So far playing for 3days now. Not pay to win. You can easily level up and increase cp without buying anything. Lots of variation in terms of skills and talents.

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Another cookie cutter, pay2win, auto-play, “mmorpg”. Regardless, thank you for sharing.

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Stop promoting TRASH fake mmos that are simply cash traps you are part of the reason gaming has been shit these last few years . Take your auto path auto play p2w vip garbage and give us real mmos. stop peddling these spray painted turds

    Niko Alexander
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Boring and Boring

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • I've been waiting for your game 1 year ago when it was called tah

    Sebastián Mesa castaño
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • If i cant see this video cuz is full of publicity about this game, i cannot try the game

    Cross Ink00
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Omg. This mobile game has better graphics then silk silkroad back then 😃

    Pertev Aky00
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • It be nice if there were a way to hide all the little icons on the top right with the stuff they try to sell you. I find that it interferes with my game play.

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Just another auto pilot MMORPG

    Supreme YT
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Funny people keep complaining about auto play go find pc bruh if your sick with auto play not all have freetime some are working soo autoplay is necessary….. But still the game looks trash

    Bryan Paul
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Why can't find on Android store?

    Laura Tulum
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Yaaaaaawn…BORING…looks pretty, but is not a game, just another plays itself eye candy waste of space…

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • cash grab mmo like always

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Autoplay = No thx

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Need Vpn?

    Ayame Jeong
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Why this game look familiar…

    Daniel Hao
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Another game with the same trash. Skipping all these games until something different shows up for once.

    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Can u move and attack?

    Kameel Daud
    Posted July 23, 2020

    My Life Fak Off
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Nice Gameplay

    MMO Nation
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Nice

    SandSea Sun
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Keep on updating us with these new games.😅😃😃

    Ronel Luy
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Thank you. Keep it up!

    Ronel Luy
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Even perfect world looks better so far

    Cimon Bkr
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Whats different this game than the other games….?

    Just the name….

    Fadlie Hidayat
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • Boring 😛 game

    Kumaresh M
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • In which country this game is available??

    pavan krishna
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • it looks pretty…generic

    Rita Rossweisse
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • To comment love your videos

    Iori Yagami
    Posted July 23, 2020
  • First one

    Iori Yagami
    Posted July 23, 2020

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