Let's Play – Lumosity Phone / iPhone App – Raindrops – 49000 Score – Brain Games 2017

A full gameplay video of Lumosity Raindrops. This game is one of Lumosity’s math games. I have created playlists for each category, so it is really easy for you to find games, such as Lumosity memory games etc.

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Lumosity makes brain training games, categorized into attention games, memory games, flexibility games, speed games, math games, classic games, problem solving games and language games.

For Lumosity speed games, Lumosity has 8 games. These games are Highway Hazards, Speed Pack, Splitting Seeds, Penguin Pursuit, Speed Match, Speed Match Overdrive, River Ranger and Spatial Speed Match.

For Lumosity attention games, Lumosity has 6 games. These games are Eagle Eye, Star Search, Trouble Brewing, Lost in Migration, Train of Thought and Playing Koi.

For Lumosity memory games, Lumosity has 8 games. These games are Tidal Treasures, Memory Match, Follow That Frog, Memory Matrix, Rotation Matrix, Familiar Faces, Pinball Recall and Memory Match Overdrive.

For Lumosity flexibility games, Lumosity has 6 games. These games are Disillusion, Brain Shift, Ebb and Flow, Color Match , Robot Factory, Brain Shift Overdrive.

For Lumosity problem solving games, Lumosity has 5 games. These games are Pirate Passage, Organic Order, Fuse Clues , Pet Detective and Masterpiece.

For Lumosity math games, Lumosity has 4 games. These games are Halve Your Cake, Chalkboard Challenge Top That and Raindrops.

For Lumosity language games, Lumosity has 6 games. These games are Word Snatchers, Contextual, Taking Root, Editor’s Choice, Continuum and Word Bubbles.

For Lumosity classic games, there are 10 games. These games are By The Rules, Moneycomb, Space Junk, Observation Tower, Face Memory Workout, Monster Garden, Route to Sprout, Memory Lane, Rhyme Workout and Word Sort.

I am playing on a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, running Android Nougat. My face is recorded with the front phone camera. The video is 480p.

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