Mechanic Mike – First Tune Up All Cars Unlocked Kids Games

Mechanic Mike – First Tune Up All Cars Unlocked Kids Games

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By Kids Fun Club by TabTale

Let the garage games begin!
Be the the best mechanic in the garage! This is only the beginning! In this first episode of Mechanic Mike, first of many to come, you get to be a master mechanic and have fun using real tools! Choose from a rocking selection of cars, like the Ninja Pickup truck! Complete each tune-up floor to earn stars and move on to the next level of the shop!

Car Emergency!
See what accident your car might have gotten into! Each car has an accident story, like hitting a tree or getting in a head-on collision that you see before stopping in the shop!

Gas Station
Visit the Gas Station! Fix all scratches in the body with the paintbrush, pump the tires full of air, and make the engine purr with oil!

Body Shop
This car’s a mess: the pipes are broken, it’s getting rusty, and its screws are loose. With the help of the tools you can get this car on up to speed!

X-ray- Mini Game
Use the special X-ray tool in the Body Shop to see the broken wires and unlock a mini-game! Reconnect the wires and the car will be one step closer to running again!

Pick Your Paint!
Choose from colors to paint & customize your ride. Paint the body of the car however you like to make it look brand new! You can snap a picture once you’re done and show it off to all of your friends and family!

Tap to select a car from 5 different options!
Select tools like the screwdriver and welder in the body shop to fix the internal mechanics!
Click to fix missing & broken parts in the body shop and gas station
Use the X-ray mini game to find hidden wires that need to be reconnected.
Earn stars as you complete each level!
Drag to paint the car with different colors!

What’s inside:
5 crushed cars to choose from!
3 garage levels to solve all mechanical problems
19 different tools to get fixing!
3 stars per scene!
5 accident stories to guide your work!
7 colors to paint the car to customize your ride!
15 wheels to place on the car!
10 different color headlights to shine the way!


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