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00:01:17 1 Rules
00:01:26 1.1 Preparation
00:02:00 1.2 Card strength
00:03:21 1.3 Card point values
00:04:13 1.4 Keeping score
00:05:16 1.5 The deal
00:06:05 1.6 Picking
00:07:25 1.7 Game play
00:08:12 2 Strategy
00:08:21 2.1 Picker and partner
00:09:38 2.2 Opponents
00:11:02 2.3 All players
00:11:55 3 Play variations
00:12:20 3.1 Partners
00:12:44 3.1.1 Called Ace
00:14:29 3.1.2 Jack of diamonds
00:16:23 3.2 Scoring
00:16:31 3.2.1 Calling sheepshead
00:17:15 3.2.2 Double on the bump
00:17:58 3.2.3 Cracking
00:19:00 3.2.4 Blitzing or blitzers
00:19:44 3.3 Trump
00:19:52 3.3.1 Diamonds vs. clubs
00:20:20 3.3.2 Spitz
00:21:04 3.4 No picker
00:21:20 3.4.1 Forced pick
00:21:45 3.4.2 Leasters
00:22:59 3.4.3 Mosters
00:23:32 3.4.4 Doublers
00:23:51 3.4.5 The pot
00:25:05 4 Variations in the number of players
00:25:28 4.1 Two-handed
00:26:33 4.2 Three-handed
00:27:08 4.3 Four-handed
00:29:40 4.4 Five-handed
00:30:00 4.5 Six-handed
00:31:23 4.6 Seven-handed
00:33:42 4.7 Eight-handed
00:34:31 5 Glossary / Slang
00:34:47 5.1 Mauer
00:35:57 5.2 Schmear
00:37:22 5.3 Renege (Cheating)
00:37:45 5.4 Granny hand
00:38:35 5.5 Bumping
00:39:07 5.6 Collusion (Cheating)
00:39:55 5.7 Throwing Off / Slough
00:40:38 6 See also

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Sheepshead or Sheephead is a trick-taking card game invented by Julius Meinen. It is the Americanized version of Bavaria’s national card game, Schafkopf, albeit the latter is played with Bavarian-pattern cards unlike its American descendant. Sheepshead is most commonly played by five players, but variants exist to allow for two to eight players. There are also many other variants to the game rules, and many slang terms used with the game.
Schafkopf literally means “sheep’s head” and may refer to the practice going back over a century of recording the score by drawing a stylised head of a sheep with nine lines. However, some sources argue that the term was probably derived and translated incorrectly from Middle High German and referred to playing cards on a barrel head (from kopf, meaning head, and Schaff, meaning a barrel).In the United States, sheepshead is most commonly played in Wisconsin as well as the German counties in Southern Indiana, which has large German-American populations, and on the internet. Numerous tournaments are held throughout Wisconsin during the year, with the largest tournament being the “Nationals”, held annually in the Wisconsin Dells during a weekend in September, October or November, and mini-tournaments held hourly throughout Germanfest in Milwaukee during the last weekend of each July.


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